Our philosophy

cocina mestiza

At La Chunga S.A. de C.V. we believe in:

The importance of strengthening our identity as a nation:
Promoting Mexico’s culinary tradition in our country and abroad unites us and makes us feel proud to be Mexicans.

The bounty of our culture:
We search for traditional recipes and add contributions from different culinary migrations. We are proud of the mixture that conforms our culinary heritage. Because of it, Mexican food has been declared inmaterial patrimony of the world by the Unesco.

Authentic Mexican flavor:
The variety of ingredients native to Mexico, their exotic flavor, aromas and textures account for the singularity of Mexican cuisine. The contrasts and baroque style of our dishes are unique and worthy of getting to know.

Food as a source of family union:
Around the kitchen we will find families, friends, stories and life itself.

The pleasure and adventure of cooking:
Cooking is challenging, exiting and can be simpler than we think. It is not necessary to be chef to prepare wholesome, flavorful food. With a good selection of ingredients, some creativity and good taste anyone can cook masterpieces to share.