Mexican Salsas


Through gastronomy and a love for food, humans have transformed need into liberty. Mexican hot salsas are a great expression of that freedom, creativity, and spirit. There is no ingredient as representative of our culture as salsas: buoyant, cheery, brave and peppy.
Our salsas’ flavor is the result of the care taken to produce them: ingredients are carefully selected and combined with methods that respect and protect their essence. We take pride in offering the closest to “homemade salsas” you can find in the market.
At Cocina Mestiza we bottle fresh produce and recipes from diverse regions of Mexico. Use salsas to spice up food at the table or to spark up flavors in the kitchen. Just a touch in stews, sauces or soups brings out the best of food. Use in Mexican cooking or create fusion with all types of international cuisines.

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