Serrano Chiles

Chiles Serranos take their name from the mountainous places (the sierras), of the states of Mexico, Puebla and Hidalgo where they are grown. They are probably the most well known and widely used of peppers in Mexico. They are also sometimes referred to as Green chiles.

Cocina Mestiza’s Serrano chiles are a fusion recipe that brings together flavors from the orient with Mexican ones. The chiles are charred and marinated in a tangy mix of lime, soysauce and spices.  They are delicious on grilled meats and all kinds fo Mexican food: tostadas, tacos or tortas.



Suggested uses for all Cocina Mestiza Peppers:

  • Serve with soups and broths and they also go very well with all kinds of pulses and beans.
  • Add a little bit of chopped peppers to sandwiches, hamburgers and panninis to bring out the flavors.
  • Cocina Mestiza Peppers are an excellent addition to Mexican dishes such as Tinga or albóndigas (meatballs)
  • Serve with all kinds of Mexican food such as gorditas, tostadas, tacos, etc.
  • Add a bit of peppers to stews for an exiting taste.
  • Prepare a Mexican Salsa by blending some peppers with 1 cup of broth and 1/4 cup of cream.
  • Finely chop some of the peppers and the onions and incorporate with 1 cup of cream cheese and salt and pepper to taste,  to prepare and easy Mexican appetizer. Serve with crackers or pita bread

Water, onion, serrano chiles, hidrolized vegetable protein, vegetable oil, dehydrated lime juice and iodized salt.


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