Traditional Chipotle Peppers

Chipotle peppers are  dried jalapeño peppers. Cocina Mestiza  selects chipotles with intense flavor and some heat and then prepares them with unrefined sugar loaf and carrots  resulting in tasty blance of flavor and heat. The recipe comes from central Mexico and these chipotle peppers are worthy rivals in taste to serrano peppers in vinegar.





Suggested uses for all Cocina Mestiza Peppers:

  • Serve with soups and broths and they also go very well with all kinds of pulses and beans.
  • Add a little bit of chopped peppers to sandwiches, hamburgers and panninis to bring out the flavors.
  • Serve with all kinds of Mexican food such as gorditas, tostadas, tacos, etc.
  • Add a bit of peppers to stews for an exiting taste.
  • Prepare a Mexican Salsa by blending some peppers with 1 cup of broth and 1/4 cup of cream.
  • Finely chop some of the peppers and the onions and incorporate with 1 cup of cream cheese and salt and pepper to taste,  to prepare and easy Mexican appetizer. Serve with crackers or pita bread

Apple vinegar, unrefined sugarloaf, chipotle peppers, onion, carrots, vegetable oil, iodized salt, and aromatic herbs.